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What is Livestock Insurance?

What is Livestock Insurance?

When it comes to protecting your livestock, it helps to choose a comprehensive farm insurance policy to cover your business. In addition to this, you could also have additional coverage for particular assets and activities. This is because there can be a variety of risks that you need to consider when working on a farm. Also, different farms require different farm insurance, which is why it helps to know the basics.

Individual Coverage or Blanket coverage?

A blanket policy offers coverage for a farm’s property, including livestock, farm structures, and tools and equipment. However, you need not opt for everything to be insured. You can choose the extent of farm insurance coverage for each asset on your farm. You could also combine a wide range of requirements in one policy, including farm buildings such as a shed and contents to personal and general liability.

Basics Farm Insurance to Keep Your Farm Protected

When it comes to choosing a farm insurance quote, it helps to keep the following in mind:

  • Cover farm staples and animals
  • Include hay or feed and swathed grains
  • Consider newly constructed buildings
  • Add farming tools, equipment, and machinery
  • Include personal effects

It is essential to consider the consequences of any damage, such as debris removal, pollutant clean-up, service charges of the fire department, and more. In addition to this, it also helps to get coverage against natural calamities, including wind, hail, and more.

Protecting Your Cattle

When it comes to obtaining farm insurance, it helps to keep the following common problems in mind with regards to your cattle:

  • Contamination due to cleaning solutions, animal medication, or dirt
  • Issues with specialized products and equipment for dairy farming

Thus, when obtaining a farm insurance quote, be sure these aspects are covered.

Covering Your Poultry

As far as poultry farming is concerned, consider the following issues:

  • Temperature extremes in Canada
  • Problems with the ventilation system
  • Defective electrical panel
  • Health problems of the chickens

When obtaining a farm insurance policy, it helps to be sure it offers coverage accordingly to ensure you are adequately protected.

Managing Your Risks to Minimize Your Losses

Coverage for animal assets, specific equipment, and liability claims is crucial to protect your farm if an incident occurs. Although property assessments may seem like an inconvenience, an assessment of ventilation systems, electrical equipment, and other components can help determine potential hazards. This can help you choose the insurance coverage for your farm.

Choose a Farm Insurance Quote with Us

Farm Insurance Quote

Orr & Associates is a leading Canadian farm insurance brokerage. We have a qualified team of brokers who provide quality service and protection through professional services. We will understand your needs and come up with the most suitable solutions to offer the right coverage for your farm and livestock. We offer tailor-made policies to meet specific needs and protect your farm and related assets.

If you are looking for farm insurance in Canada, reach out to us by calling 905-833-6691 or toll-free 1-866-521-5926. You could also fill out our online form to get your online farm insurance quote. We’ll be happy to assist you!