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What Does an Insurance Broker Do & How Can They Help You?

What Does an Insurance Broker Do & How Can They Help You?

An insurance broker is a specialist in risk management and provides accurate coverage for their clients’ businesses and assets. They act on behalf of the customers to identify potential risks and help them find the most suitable insurance quotes as per the individual needs. It is their responsibility to help their clients choose a comprehensive coverage plan and provide reliable services to ensure adequate protection.

What are the Responsibilities of an Insurance Broker?

The primary duties and responsibilities of an insurance broker include the following:

  • Conduct discussions with the clients to understand their requirements.
  • Assess and identify areas of potential risk that need to be protected.
  • Customize coverage packages for clients to create a plan that meets their needs.
  • Explain the details of an insurance policy to the client and answer their questions.
  • Find the most suitable policy for each client according to the individual needs.
  • Inspect the assets when selling auto insurance, home insurance, and other similar products.
  • Calculate payment plans and premiums by considering all related costs.
  • Keep accurate records of all clients.
  • Be available for discussions when the customers have any problem.
  • Manage insurance claims and assist the clients during the claim process.

Benefits of Using an Insurance Broker

Choosing the right insurance policy to protect your home, vehicle, and other valuables and assets is often complicated. However, insurance brokers have access to many different plans and can help you select the best coverage. Sometimes, they also have access to quotes and coverage that are not readily available to most consumers. Here are a few advantages of hiring an insurance broker:

  • Independent Advocacy
    An insurance broker will work for you and not the insurance company. They will help you choose the best coverage that offers you peace of mind.
  • Handling Claims
    In the event of a loss, a qualified broker will provide you with timely advice, manage your claim professionally, quickly, and efficiently, ensuring you receive suitable guidance.
  • Choice of Policies
    Brokers have a well-established network and relationship with top insurance companies. They can offer you multiple coverage options depending on your needs and help you get discounts, ensuring you get your money’s worth.
  • Professionalism
    Registered Insurance Brokers of Ontario (RIBO) monitors the insurance brokers in Ontario. Moreover, the professionals are required to take courses each year to ensure they are up to date on the current practices in the industry.
  • Timely Service
    In addition to being professionally qualified, brokers are also aware of how to deal with people. They will work to understand your needs and come up with the ideal solutions to ensure you get the best coverage.
  • Expert Opinion
    If you find legal terms too complex to understand, brokers can guide you and work through the conditions and ensure that no detail is overlooked. They can help compare policies, terms, and benefits and offer advice accordingly. They provide support at each step of the way to ensure you know what to expect.
  • Technical Advice
    If you have unique personal or business needs and are looking for suitable coverage, brokers can help you navigate through the finer points of different policies and help you choose the right one.

Does It Cost More to Hire an Insurance Broker?

Many insurance brokers have an arrangement with the insurance company and get paid a commission by them when a client purchases their policies. Others follow a fee-for-service payment method and negotiate the charges with their customers. Thus, it will cost you less to hire an insurance broker because they have extensive knowledge and expertise about the market and can help you negotiate competitive premiums on your behalf. Also, they are obliged to inform you of the fees, so there are no hidden costs.

Insurance Brokers Versus Insurance Agents

It helps to know that an insurance broker has a different role from an agent. They work for the customers and not for the insurance company. This is unlike the insurance agents who represent the insurance provider they work for. An insurance broker will work to understand the needs of their clients, help them identify the liability risks, and come up with informed recommendations accordingly within your budget. They can provide a range of quotes, explain the terms and conditions of each policy, and ensure you know what to expect.

What Questions Should You Ask Your Insurance Broker?

  • What are your qualifications as an insurance broker?
  • How much experience do you have in the industry?
  • Who would service your account?
  • What is the range of insurance services you provide?
  • What is the size or worth of your typical client?
  • How do you bill or invoice your work?
  • Can you provide me with a few references from your previous clients?

We Have the Best Insurance Brokers in Ontario

Insurance Brokers in Ontario

At Orr & Associates, we have reliable and knowledgeable insurance brokers based in Ontario. We are dedicated to providing quality service and protection. We believe in maintaining transparency at all levels and offer 24/7 assistance to our customers. We also have commercial insurance brokers in Ontario to help you protect your business. Our brokers will work towards understanding your needs and come up with the most suitable policy to protect you against any perils.

If you are looking for an insurance broker in Ontario, please call us at 1-866-292-2592 (1-866-292-2592) today. You could also fill out our online form to get in touch with us.

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