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What factors affect the cost of your home insurance?

What Are the Key Considerations When You Buy Home Insurance

What is often included in home insurance coverage?


Dwelling coverage pertains to the physical home itself. If there is a fire, a break-in or a tree falls on the roof, this is the part of the plan that will address it and cover the repairs necessary to restoring the home. Be sure when choosing a policy to pay close attention to the “perils” that are included in your plan, as this will outline the specifics of which incidents are and are not covered.


If your home is robbed or vandalized and items go missing or are damaged, this is the part of your plan to cover it. If you keep a lot of valuables in your home such as jewelry, electronics, or antiques, ensuring these are also covered will give you some peace of mind.

Personal liability

Even if it is an accident, if someone is injured on your property, you could be liable for any harm or damages they suffer. Especially if you have a pool that you are planning on inviting guests over to enjoy, personal liability coverage is a must.

What will my plan not cover?

Just as important as understanding what is covered by your home insurance is understanding what is not. If you are planning on using your home as a short-term rental property, for criminal activities, for a business, or you fail to responsibly maintain your property, you may find these activities are either not covered under your plan or may potentially void your coverage.

If you have any questions about whether specific activities are covered by your plan, have your broker review the details with you. If something is not covered which needs to be, they can make recommendations for alternative plans.

Get the Best Home Insurance Policy with Our Insurance Brokers in Ontario

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