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Useful Winter Insurance Tips & Advice to Protect Your Home

useful winter insurance tips advice to protect your home f

The cold winter weather can be hard on homes. Whether you are planning a winter getaway or preparing your home for the freezing climate, it helps to know how to protect your property from the cold Canadian weather. As a leading home insurance brokerage, we know the best practices to keep your home safe and secure in the winter season.

Things to Consider When Protecting Your Home in Winter

Our home insurance brokers recommend the following:

  • Stove and Furnace Safety
    Check on your wood stove or furnace before the onset of winter to make sure they are correctly working and properly ventilated. It also helps to have them examined thoroughly.
  • Pipes and Plumbing
    Run water through all the fixtures to minimize the chances of frozen pipes. Also, test the shut-off valves to prevent damage if the pipes freeze. It helps to wrap the pipes using insulation sleeves to protect them.
  • Sidewalks and Driveways
    Ensure the pathways are free of snow and ice. Also, remove snow from exhaust vents and basement windows to avoid water damage.
  • Branches and Other Debris
    Trim the branches that are too close to your home and remove the ones that may fall on utility lines in a blizzard or ice storm. This can help prevent damage to electrical lines and avoid blackouts.

7 Handy Winter Insurance Tips for Homeowners

  1. Regular Checks – If you plan to go for a trip during the winter months, make sure somebody frequently checks your property. This is because some home insurance brokerages dismiss claims for any damage if the home was not regularly monitored.
  2. Snow Damages – Although your home insurance will cover damages caused by heavy snow, it helps to make sure your home is free of snow as much as possible. Also, check if your policy includes this clause before finalizing a home insurance quote.
  3. Trees and Branches – The damage caused by a tree falling due to a winter storm on the property is usually covered by a home insurance policy.
  4. Pipes -Insulating the pipes can help avoid potential damages and filing claims. Also, it helps to know that the type of pipes can impact the rates of your home insurance.
  5. Additional Living Expenses – When looking at home insurance quotes, ask for policies that cover temporary accommodations when insured repairs are conducted in your home due to winter damage.
  6. Heating -It helps to remember that the rates of home insurance policies are affected by the heat source. Wood stoves and wood-burning fireplaces may increase your premium.
  7. Sewage – In most cases, sewer backup is not included in the home insurance policy. You may purchase it as additional coverage.

Get Your Home Insurance Quote with Us

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If you are looking to insure your property, we can help. Orr & Associates is a reputable insurance brokerage offering reliable and affordable solutions. We have qualified home insurance brokers to provide suitable policies that meet your needs and budget requirements. We also offer home and auto insurance for those looking to purchase combined coverage.

For guidance on obtaining an insurance quote, please call us at 905-833-6691 or toll-free 1-866-521-5926. You could also get an online property insurance quote by filling out our online form.

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