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Everything a New Driver Must Know About Driving & Auto Insurance

Everything a New Driver Must Know About Driving Auto Insurance f

Whether you love to go for leisure trips frequently or want a simpler way to get to work, driving can help make your life easy. However, it comes with responsibilities, including learning about insurance coverage and having a suitable policy. Our expert auto insurance brokers have put together this guide to explain to you the essentials about choosing an auto insurance quote. Read on to learn more and make an informed decision before you hit the road.

Things to Consider When Choosing a New Auto Insurance Quote

Graduated System & Auto Insurance

In most Canadian provinces, you will receive what is known as a graduated license. This system begins with a G1, which can be obtained after a written test and has several restrictions. These include not driving without a fully licensed driver in the passenger seat, the age of your passengers, and periods of time when you cannot drive. Following this, you will receive a G2 license after passing a road test. A G2 license also includes some restrictions, but far less than a G1. After completing another road test successfully, you will be awarded your full G license. Some other rules apply when you have your license:

  • It helps to know the rules and laws in your territory or province before getting behind the wheel to ensure you do not violate them unintentionally.
  • If you plan on driving someone else’s vehicle regularly, they should contact their auto insurance broker and ask them to include your name in their policy.
  • If you are listed as the primary driver, which means you will be driving the car more than anyone else, this can affect the insurance premium amount.

Insuring Your Car

When choosing an auto insurance quote, you should consider your vehicle, its condition, and the budget. This will ensure you have the right coverage and protection.

There are two main types of insurance you must know about:

  • Third-Party Liability Insurance
    This coverage is mandatory in Canada, and it helps to cover the loss you may cause to others on the road when driving a car. If you do not have adequate liability insurance, you could be asked to pay a fine or lose your driver’s licence.
  • Physical Damage Insurance
    This includes collision insurance, which helps in case you have an accident. It covers the expenses of fixing the damages to your vehicle. Physical damage insurance also includes a comprehensive policy, which covers the repairing costs of your car for other reasons such as vandalism, theft, flood, or fire.

Other Factors

When choosing an insurance quote, your auto insurance broker will ask you the details about your vehicle, what you use it for, such as commuting, and how much coverage you want for it.

Saving on Car Insurance

If you want to save on your auto insurance, the best way is to bundle it with your home insurance. You could also opt for a higher deductible, enroll for a reputable driving course, and practice good driving habits to maintain a clean driving record.

Contact Our Auto Insurance Brokers to Get the Best Deal

Everything a New Driver Must Know About Driving & Auto Insurance

At Orr and Associates, we have a dedicated team of qualified auto insurance brokers to help you get the most out of your policy. We will work to understand your situation and needs and come up with the most suitable auto insurance quotes for you. We will ensure that you have the right protection.

If you have questions about choosing car insurance, do not hesitate to call us at 905-833-6691 or toll-free at 1-866-521-5926. You could also fill out our online form to get an auto insurance quote online.

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