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Insurance Brokers in Newmarket, Ontario

Our Team of Qualified Home & Auto Insurance Brokers in Newmarket Can Help You Find the Right Coverage

Best Auto and Home Insurance Brokers in Newmarket

At Orr & Associates, we are dedicated to providing the most accurate solutions for your insurance needs. We offer reliable services that will exceed your expectations. We will help you protect your home and vehicle in the best way possible and ensure that you don’t end up paying more than what is necessary. We will work to offer quick solutions and the right coverage.

We offer home and auto insurance quotes and a 5% discount for online quotes for those eligible.

Insurance Brokers in NewmarketNewmarket contractor's insurance

Why Choose Us for Home & Auto Insurance in Newmarket, Ontario?

  • A Leader in the Insurance Industry
    We provide excellent insurance products and exceptional service to help you choose the right coverage for your home and vehicle. Our experts have the skills, expertise, and knowledge to help you save on your insurance policy while ensuring that all your requirements are met adequately.
  • Customer-Centric Approach
    Our loyalty is to our customers, and we believe in providing them with a positive and hassle-free experience. Our experts will help you find the most suitable policy and offer customized insurance products as well. Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and we strive to meet your needs as accurately as possible.
  • Wide Range of Choices
    We understand that insurance needs are individual-specific which is why we offer a variety of options when it comes to home and auto insurance. Our insurance brokers have the expertise and skills to assess and understand your requirements and find the right coverage that meets them at the right price. We are partnered with many insurance companies to accommodate any lifestyle changes, match your specific needs, and find the right fit.
  • Help You Understand the Policy
    Our brokers have in-depth knowledge of insurance coverage and will provide personalized service. In addition to understanding your needs, we will also help you compare discounts and explain specific insurance terms, so you know what the policy means. We have a transparent approach to dealing with our customers. Our experts will answer your questions and help clear any doubts.
  • Prompt Insurance Service
    We have 24/7 support to provide help anytime you need. We have a customer portal that you can use to view any information about your insurance policies.

Our Quick and Easy Newmarket Contractor’s Insurance

We also offer adequate coverage to help you protect your business. Our contractor’s insurance includes general liability insurance, tools and equipment coverage, and building protection to ensure that all aspects of your business are adequately safeguarded. We can help you identify potential losses and protect your business against them.

Get the Right Insurance Coverage for Your Home & Vehicle in Newmarket

If you are looking for home and auto insurance in Newmarket or want to protect your business from potential perils with contractor’s insurance, our brokers can help. You could call us at 1-866-521-5926 (1-866-292-2592) to learn more or fill out our online form to get personalized guidance.
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