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Important Types of Small Business Insurance You Should Know About

important types of small business insurance you should know about f

Understanding the types of small business insurance policies can help you make an informed choice when it comes to choosing the right type for you. Since most business owners are not aware of the types of coverage available, we have put together this informative guide to help you.

8 Small Business Insurance Policies You Should Know About

1. General Liability

Business insurance brokers usually recommend general liability coverage to protect your company against potential damages. It covers bodily injury involving a third-party liability claim and property damage providing coverage for damaging a client’s property in the course of business.

2. Commercial Property Insurance

It is essential to make sure the building that houses your company and everything inside it is insured against potential loss. This policy helps to cover the repair or replacement costs of equipment, computers, inventory, furniture, and more if you suffer a covered loss. It may also include things outside your building, such as fencing and signs.

3. Commercial Auto Insurance

This insurance coverage helps in case you meet with an accident when transporting equipment or products for your business. If the vehicle is registered in the name of your company and is used for a variety of business purposes, you should consider purchasing commercial auto insurance.

4. Business Interruption Insurance

It is essential to consider the potential threats your business may face and take steps to help reduce the consequences of a loss. This coverage is an ideal choice to keep your business afloat in case you suffer a significant loss. It can help provide financial assistance to cover your payroll, bills, and other routine expenses.

5. Product Liability Insurance

This coverage is crucial for small businesses that sell products. If your business is found responsible for a problem with any of the products you offer, you could end up with an expensive lawsuit. Having product liability insurance is an effective way to protect you from such legal expenses.

6. Professional Liability Insurance

If you provide a professional or creative service, it helps to have professional liability insurance. It is also known as errors and omissions insurance or malpractice insurance. This coverage is the perfect choice to protect your business if a client files a lawsuit claiming a financial loss due to an error in your service.

7. Equipment Breakdown Insurance

Every company has machines that help to run the business. This small business insurance policy helps to cover replacement or repair expenses when your equipment breaks down abruptly.

8. Cyber Risk Coverage

It helps to know that data is a crucial asset to a company. Most owners of small businesses often fail to realize the importance of safeguarding their digitized data. Having a cyber risk policy helps to protect your business details against potential security breaches.

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