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Auto Insurance Tips for High-Risk Drivers in Canada

auto insurance tips for high risk drivers in canada f

According to our car insurance brokers in Barrie, Schomberg, Brantford, and other parts of Canada, auto insurance rates tend to be higher for high-risk drivers. Read on to learn more, so you know how to avoid being tagged as one and how to save on your vehicle insurance if you are considered high-risk.

Who is a High-Risk Driver?

The individuals who have a higher chance of filing an auto insurance claim, as compared to the rest of the people driving a vehicle, are considered high-risk. Usually, it takes one or more of the following reasons to become one:

  • New drivers without any driving experience
  • Having more than two traffic tickets
  • Having your licence suspended previously
  • Holding a criminal conviction on your driving record
  • Involved in an accident that was your fault
  • Using your vehicle for delivery purposes
  • Modifying your car with features to enhance the performance

Also, one or more of the following reasons not related to your driving could be the reason you have a high-risk driver status:

  • Having missed the regular premium payments, resulting in a policy cancellation
  • Lying to your insurance broker about your driving history or knowingly providing incorrect details
  • Having a car with a lower safety rating or higher theft rate

How Can You Get Rid of the High-Risk Driver’s Label?

Generally, the driving tickets and missed premium payments will remain on your record for three years. Also, licence suspensions and at-fault collisions tend to follow you for six years. However, you can return to a standard auto insurance policy by taking steps towards a clean driving record.

Saving on High-Risk Insurance

The cost of a high-risk insurance policy is more than a standard car insurance policy. Here are three ways to save on your high-risk coverage:

  • Hire a Reliable Insurance Broker
    An excellent way for you as a high-risk driver to save on insurance costs is to work with a reliable car insurance broker. They can help you save money by comparing different car insurance quotes as per your needs and finding the most suitable option.
  • Drive a Safe Car
    Learn about the cars that hold a higher level of risk because they tend to increase your premium prices as compared to safer options. Also, be sure to ask about the car’s safety features before buying it and know if it is insurance-friendly.
  • Adopt Safe Driving Practices
    Use defensive techniques to improve your driving and be sure to follow all traffic rules and parking laws. Also, re-examine your rates every time a collision drops off your insurance history, or a ticket falls off your driving record.

FAQ About High Risk Driver Insurance

Am I a High-Risk Driver?

Although insurance providers may define high-risk drivers differently, a person who has had tickets, accidents, missed insurance payments, or a major driving conviction is categorized as high-risk.

How Long Will I Be Considered as a High-Risk Driver?

This depends on what happened. General infractions can affect your insurance for up to 3 years from the date of conviction. More severe transgressions can have you considered high-risk for up to 6 years. If you continue to practice good driving habits, you can ultimately return to a standard auto insurance policy.

How Does High-Risk Driving and Tickets Affect My Insurance?

Your premium is only affected by a conviction. This means if you decide to fight a traffic ticket and win, your insurance rates will not change.

However, in Ontario, payment of a ticket is considered an admission of guilt and the infraction will appear on your driving record. Convictions for tickets and missed payments can have an impact on your premiums for up to three years, while at-fault accidents and suspensions can affect your rates for around six years.

How Much More do High-Risk Drivers Pay in Ontario?

You can expect to pay around 25% more for high-risk insurance. Since this amount may differ by provider, calling our auto insurance brokers can help you get the best coverage and price as a high-risk driver.

Can Demerit Points Have an Impact on My Auto Insurance?

Individual demerit points do not affect your auto insurance. However, the infractions that caused the demerit points can impact your insurance premiums negatively. Additionally, your license is at risk of suspension if you accumulate more than 9 demerits and automatically suspended for 30 days if you have 15 or more. Having your license suspended will affect your premium.

How Can I Become a Safer Driver?

The ideal way to avoid being a high-risk driver is to adopt safe driving practices. It is wise not to drink and drive, avoid driving when you feel drowsy, leave plenty of time for your commute, refrain from driving aggressively, and consider enrolling in a defensive driving school.

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Auto Insurance Tips for High-Risk Drivers in Canada

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